Toxic List – G

Glycol ether

The name glycol ether refers to a large group of chemicals found in household products, like cleaners, paints, cosmetics, and perfumes. Glycol ether can be absorbed easily through the skin. It is known to cause irritation to the eyes, skin, nose, and throat. Some varieties of the chemical can also cause damage to the kidney, liver, reproductive system, and central nervous system. Furthermore, glycol ether has been the cause of birth defects and reproductive problems in laboratory animals.

Gamma lindane

Gamma lindane, commonly referred to as lindane, is used as an insecticide on fruit and vegetable crops. Lindane is toxic to humans, and exposure can occur from eating food or breathing air contaminated with the chemical. Chronic exposure to lindane through inhalation has been associated with liver, blood, nervous system, and immune system problems. Oral animal studies have shown that lindane is a liver carcinogen.

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