About Us

I never considered myself an environmentalist nor did I much care for the world that existed outside of my humble existence. I went to work, ate a lot of meat, consumed finite resources without any reluctance and even tossed trash to the wayside when a can wasn’t within tossing distance. Yes, I did all this without regard to anyone or anything and felt no remorse whatsoever. And so now is when you ask, what changed you or what made you become the new environmental guy? Not much really but a little documentary about the world’s water supply called Flow. ¬†Yes, it was this little masterpiece that turned my world upside down, wrung out the sponge of old thinking and got me thinking in an entirely different way. Immediately my understanding of our resources changed. I found myself thinking twice about watering the lawn, spilling that perfectly good cup of water down the drain or even flushing the toilet after number one (OK, that’s a bit extreme, but maybe it’s time to get a little extreme). I began to take steps to limit my personal impact on the world around me, but soon realized that wasn’t enough. How could I make a difference? How can I work with people to make our world a better place? It was this question that led me to build the GreenGordo.com website. It is my sincere hope that with our free advice we can perhaps help all of our readers to make a difference. Spread the word and let everyone reduce their footprint. Ask yourself each day, have I done something to make the environment and the world a better place? If every human on earth, once a day did one thing to help the environment think of where we’ll be in just one year! You can do it.

“Green” Gordo Gordenson

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