What Bottle Filter Options Are Available?

A bottle filter is a great alternative for people who don’t want to buy bottled water all the time. They are effective, easy to carry, and very convenient. Depending on what type of water you want to filter, though, prices for bottle filters vary widely. Basic filters get rid of chlorine and improve the water’s taste, but will not turn contaminated water into potable water. These filters are cheaper and can be found almost anywhere. If you want to get rid of heavy metals or bacteria, you will need a better, more expensive water filter. Here’s what you get for your money and a few tips on how to choose the best option.

Under $10

Cheap bottle filters are not meant to do much more than improve the taste of water. For example, the Power Bottle USA Filter Water Bottle 20 oz. reduces chlorine taste and smell but it’s meant to be used only with municipal tap water, which has already been deemed safe to drink. If you want a basic filter, this is a good choice at just under $10. Rubbermaid’s 20-Ounce Filtration Personal Bottle sells a similar system that constantly gets good reviews because it produces great tasting water. Like Power Bottle, it also sells for $10 and only gets rid of chlorine. Brita makes a bottle filter that sells for $10 and reduces sediment, chlorine, grit and other small particles present in water. Although it wonft completely eliminate heavy metals, it will reduce the amount of lead in the water.

Under $30

At just $25, the Aqua Vessel “Ultra Lite” Filtered Water Bottle is a very affordable option if all you want is a bottle filter to help you get rid of basic contaminants. The Aqua Vessel removes 99.9 percent of Cryptosporidium and Giardia, two of the most common water pathogens, as well as chlorine and dirt. It also reduces (but doesnft completely eliminate) heavy metals and other microscopic pathogens. Spend a little more ($40) and you get the Seychelle Flip Top Advanced Water Filtration Bottle. This bottle filter gets rid of 99.99% of metals, bacteria (including E-Coli), viruses, pesticides and other contaminants found in water.

Under $50

Middle-of-the-line bottle filters offer great protection for an affordable price. The Wellness Enhanced Large Capacity Water Filtration Sport Bottle sells for $55 and offers the same filtration power as the Seychelle. However, the Wellness bottle is BPA-free, so it produces clean water that never has a plastic taste. Because the bottle has a 30-oz capacity, you donft need to keep filling it up every few minutes, and it’s also ideal for long trips.

$50 or More

The Lifesaver Bottle 4000 Ultra Filtration Water Bottle is the queen of bottle filters. It sells for about $150 but it is well worth the price. A single cartridge eliminates all microbiological waterborne pathogens and filters about 4000 liters of water before it needs replacing. The bottle was created for use during natural disasters, such as hurricanes and earthquakes, when access to drinkable water is limited. The bottle also has a unique safety feature: when the filter is no longer good and needs to be replaced, it will actually shut itself off, so you cannot longer use the bottle. Lifesaver also makes a 6000 version of the same bottle, which lasts longer and filters at the same quality level. Keep in mind that the replacement filter for the 4000 bottle sells for about $100, so this is not a cheap investment. This type of bottle filter is a better option to keep around for emergencies, rather than for everyday use.

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