10 Mind-Boggling Facts about Going Green

By Erin Haas

Photo courtesy of KB35 via Flickr

Need some inspiration for going green or need some help convincing someone why green’s the way to go? These 10 mind-boggling facts about going green are proof that your efforts to go green are well worth it.

1.  If everyone read their Sunday newspaper online and no paper versions were produced, a whopping 500,000 trees would be saved per week!

2.  The amount of sunlight that the earth’s surface receives in one minute is enough to meet our energy demands for an entire year. Solar power, anyone?

3.  It takes 4000 years for a glass bottle to decompose after we throw it away. Glass can be reused an unlimited amount of times, so why waste it?

4.  Public transportation reduces gas consumption by 1.4 billion gallons. That’s 108 million full tanks of gas per year.

5.   The energy you save by recycling a single aluminum can would keep your TV running for three hours.

6.  It takes approximately 10 calories of energy from fossil fuels to cultivate, process, and ship a single calorie of food energy. There’s yet another reason not to overeat and to buy locally.

7.   If every American stopped using a paper luggage tag for their luggage when they traveled, we would save 60 million sheets of paper. That’s a darn good reason to get a permanent luggage tag.

8.  Are you going on vacation? Please unplug your appliances. Households in the US spend more than $5 billion each year on standby power alone. That’s 5% of all of the electricity consumed in the country.

9.  If everyone in the US composted their kitchen scraps for a year instead of throwing them away in the trash, the amount of waste we’d prevent from going into landfills would be enough to cover the entirety of San  Francisco.   Plus, everyone would have some lovely soil fertilizer for their yards and gardens.

10.  You could circle the earth 20 times with the amount of paper that American businesses generate on a single day.

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